ultralight armor by Pavel Burlakov
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Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east.

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Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east. 10.02.2020 12:23

Be careful, east is both cunning and dangerous!
This type of armour we can find on pictoral historical sourses of the middle east and steppe peoples of 14-15 centuries. Eastern armor have some advantage against western.
In addition to the fact that this armour is flexible and gives mobility, eastern warrior can quickly and easy equip himself. There are no gaps in parts of armor, and you will not have a broken strap that hold the pauldron or cuisse.
Hatanga degel is a robe with metal plates inside. We made it waist fitted, which allows to keep the weight on waist well. And most importantly, this set weights only 11 kg, full made of high-strength titanium. At the same time, this is buhurt armor with good protection (reinforced back, full greaves). 


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