ultralight armor by Pavel Burlakov
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Brigandine "Vindicator" buhurt version brown

Armour specially designed for full-contact historical medieval battles:

-large plates and minimum number of overlaps gives maximum protection and minimum weight. Extra spine protection.

-it is fitted and have waist-plates that gives a comfortable wearing.

-additional straps on the sides allows to adjust the size.

-length brigandine covers the top of the thighs and ass.

-the plates made of high-strength titanium.

Weight is 5.5 kg.

Plates made of titanium 1.5mm(top back plates), 1.2mm (back plates),0.8mm the rest.

Will fit person 180-190 cm height (briga is long), chest cirumference 115-125 cm.

348 euro
22 июня 2024
22 июня 2024
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