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For all brigandines we offer four versions: -light duel version (extra lightweight version for LARP, SCA, medieval festivals),
-heavy duel version (such as HMB, triathlon, profights, duelling with polearms),
-light buhurt version (for fighters, preferring to run a lot in combat),
-heavy buhurt version, giving maximum protection in any battle, and for "tank" fighters (such as BOTN, Dynamo Cup, Buhurt Prime)
Thickness of plates: "light duel" full of 0.6 mm with breastplates of 0.8 mm, (or 2 mm or 3 mm ABS plastic), "heavy duel" of 0.8-1mm,
"light buhurt" of 0.8-1-1.2mm (most protected back, spine zone),  and "heavy buhurt" of 1-1.2-1.5mm (ultimate protection of back and spine, and others).
Heavy buhurt brigandines has big plates on the back. 

Recent times (Jule 2022) international shipping possible only with DHL Express. It works reliable, fast (average time is 10 days of delivery worldwide), but became expencive. Shipping cost depends on volume and weight of box. Some types of brigandines has smaller volume in box and will be shipped cheaper (for example "Wimbeldon", "Leeds", "Hatanga". Some armors like "Robe hatanga", "Milanese brigandine" has big volume and shipping will more expencive.

Minimal cost of  internstional shipping is 120 USD (box with one brigandine).

Estimated shipping cost by DHL express to USA:

Box before 10 kg of weight/volume weight  :  1350 roubles/ 22.5 USD per kg

Box 10-20 kg   :  1000 roubles/ 16.7 USD per kg
Box 20-30 kg   :   900 roubles/ 15.0 USD per kg
Box over 30 kg  : 860 roubles/ 14.3 USD per kg

Hopefully, usual international post service will work again one day.

In any case, the best way to reduce the cost of shipping, is to cooperate with friends and to make group orders. More so we can offer discounts for bulk orders, and time of manfacturing of brigandines is short.


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