ultralight armor by Pavel Burlakov


Northerners are coming! 14.01.2020 12:53


Bulletproof medieval armour! 27.12.2019 14:46

Bulletproof medieval armour! This set we made of titanium grade VT20 1.5mm (except greaves, elbows and knees - of OT4). I think, it can stops small-caliber bullet.


Merry Christmas! 26.12.2019 13:24

Our Santa brought a few armours for you! Santa's elves worked hard with magic metal, and oldster Santa don't tired to keep that, because one chest armour weights only 3 kg 
Christmas sale!
Duel brigandine "Kussnacht" of titanium - 298 euro

Winter fairy 20.12.2019 17:49


Some brigandines 02.12.2019 12:04


Georgian-byzantine lamellar of 10th century 29.11.2019 17:56


A true warrior is noble 14.11.2019 19:37

“There’s more to being a warrior than killing. A true warrior — the best warrior — isn’t cruel or mean. He doesn’t claw an enemy who can’t fight back. Where’s the honor in that?”
― Erin Hunter, Forest of Secrets

Some brigandines 11.11.2019 15:40


Be bright! 14.10.2019 16:47


To fight evil, you have to understand the dark. 14.10.2019 16:23

...Darkness approaches from outside. The horror, like a shroud, wraps me.
To fight evil, you have to understand the dark.


The sinews of war are not gold, but good soldiers. 29.09.2019 16:06

The sinews of war are not gold, but good soldiers; for gold alone will not procure good soldiers, but good soldiers will always procure gold

Chevalier never fight women. Both victory and defeat will be a dishonour. 18.09.2019 16:03


Only death can finish the fight, everything else only interrupts the fighting 17.09.2019 11:25


Light armour- this is what a knight-errant needs 17.09.2019 10:33


Just a few armours 11.09.2019 15:09


It is chivalry that makes a true knight, not a sword 11.09.2019 14:17

Without honor, a knight is no more than a common killer. It is better to die with honor than to live without it

Brigandines for HMB-fighters from China 10.08.2019 16:20


Exclusive brigandine "Fleur-de-Lys" 27.07.2019 00:02

Exclusive brigandine "Fleur-de-Lys" and other parts of the armor for Bill Edward Woodbury II, the winner of the "Knight Fight" TV Show.


Some brigandine armours 14.07.2019 23:52


Battle-optimazed "Vindicator" - video review 08.06.2019 20:52



Summer has come 02.06.2019 21:13

XV century brigandine

Just a few bright brigandines 23.05.2019 23:46

Battle-optimazed brigandines "Vindicator" specially designed for full-contact historical medieval battles.

Brigandine "Vindicator" 26.04.2019 22:48

Battle optimized brigandine, Armour specially designed for full-contact historical medieval battles.

Some brigandines and legs 19.04.2019 23:31

Giveaway! 13.04.2019 23:05


Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds 07.04.2019 23:58


The main thing in life is the Horde! 22.03.2019 21:36

The main thing in life is the Horde! Koumiss is not waiting for you at home, arrows will not wipe away tears, and camel will not hug  tight you at night.

Majestic snow 12.03.2019 22:45

I don't know why the snow is white. But I think white snow is majestic.

Be without fear in the face of your enemies 09.03.2019 21:41

Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.

To look like a GOFF MARSHALL with this colours in buhurt 27.02.2019 22:08


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